Saturday, August 23, 2008

What a big game

This game is small or big?

At a was a little kid.even you did not known what is the world and what is the socially which belonging to you yourself.and then you turned in.enjoy yourself in this big world.everything seemed new, just did not known what is right or wrong.that's great.because of nobody could informed.owing to your little age that some elder classmate who besides you in your primary school that time you just understood some of the question which is right or wrong.

Several years your family or at school and so could easily bullied the people who seemed that less young,and this cause of that elder brothers who always bulled you at your childhood,that the sin.not the crime.because of the your parents never tell your which is right or wrong,that's all.

And now,your pretropectable the time what happened these years you still could not notice that which is right and which is wrong.may be still nobody can inform you what is that.and you have been less one third of your life.anybody who can tell us what is right or wrong?absolutely none.because of nobody can clearly tell you the true.although you have reading many books,you have interviewed many people who appear your road.because of them also do not known which is right or wrong.

Consequently,i said this is a game.which across on our life.In some organs of China,elder people who always tell the young people that "Life is a dream" but i want to current that "life is a game"

Who course you to known which is wrong or shame that also tell you what is right or the other hand also.this is life.please do not disgrace those man who turn your bad,there are all your teacher in your journeying of your life.and also please do not belief these man who tell you which is right due to the other hand is wrong.


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