Friday, August 08, 2008

Sin or Crime?Concerning Consensual Sexual Intercourse!

As a christian,I concede that all varieties of countries,Including non-christian ones like China,Indian.can not be clearly realize---there exists no countries in the world that can distinguish between sin and crime.

Crime is a concept in law,sin especially in moral or religions.Running back over Europe early 1200's,many morals problems which were solved by asking church,Bible--which created the rule,were beyond the capability of the court---which establish the law,to resolve.

Trace back primal until now.Making Love or not,that's really a significant question,Few people could absolutely comply with the Bible of theirs own accord and they just had only one sex-partner on life,owing to life for everyone once and for all despite workers,professors,or presidents.etc.

In addition.Law would just to restrict humans behavior of physical body and the spiritual restrict beyond expression---arise from no creature could created moral-standard.Neither sin nor crime.Just an attitude toward world!

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if got chance, can i learn bible from you?

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