Saturday, August 09, 2008

NO FEAR.ladies and gentlemen

Through latest news from worldwide,Extend regions were fulfilled with variety of terror activities,head of them,al-Qaeda group,Afghanistan,Pakistan,Middle-east,"Eastern Turkestan" terrorist organization,while British violence were involved by local teenagers' bangs recent days,proceed with a dreadful sense of citizen in fear of assault and murder,above all, It have to change a lot in normal life style more or less and less trust in their government even my hometown exchange the life of dead or undead everyday.

Several years ago.I remembered a short story about statement of a hunter who lived in a forest of Russia by which my grandpa told me to improve my courage.The hunter needed mass enough essential foods for came next cold winter,while variety of animals were hiding themselves in a hidden and warm place also.his hardly work always in vain,but this day,The hunter stumble across a deer running through his sight and escaped to the deep forest with speed anxiety,he pursued it at head,he ran,deer ran,he stopped.deer stopped also.Finally.It ran toward a ice-ground and fast through it and gone.The hunter came on it also,but stopped on two quarters of it which be made shaken and a little of water was overflowing.full of heavily danger in to do it?it would be the last winter on his life,toward or not?terrible middle of the's a sensible decision that climbed down and crept back,suddenly,The ice-ground be made shaken fiercely by which an old man,singing a song and have a cigar in his mouse,who was a large carriage's driver,passing through the ice-ground and astonished this hunter was lading down ,said"hi~guy,what's up"

Dispite the prey gone anywhere,The hunter stood up as brave as the prey and rushed into the deep forest!


Rain said...

哈 哈,,我当然是中国人了

Rain said...

哈 ,,我当然 是中国人了,,

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