Monday, August 04, 2008

Bible in disgrace

In some place of China, a large number of people who absolutely regard Leviticus as a menu of restaurant, always went to church for their reasonable diet,I'll told them who themselves did this,you could obviously choose some books like health-diet magazines but not the Bible,it's a irony situation who devotedly inquire about how to the better health for daily foods and also the merely conversation by which they needed and a lot of the problems just like the most glory God give them,the couple of them must be timeout,fucking the name of you are God's servants and a lot of Chinese priest who preach them--they also the rubbish and no priest in China Mr tang is only a joke~!all of you must timeout and take your Bible at the same time immediately.the priest look upon as the teacher or the master who give all the flesh a best suggestion how to confession or to live in a new life within Jesus,but what are you doing and going to do?you are a priest?are you sure?despising all of you are!

furthermore!the people who regard Genesis as a famous or distinguished science fiction,and other ones may be a hobby of comparative literature always attempt to distinct from Christian and Muslim,and declaring what is truth or false!In their sight Revelation just a inconceivable story and nothing remain!take your luggage and retreat now!may be all of you are a talented person in our social ,but no one without sin in God's eyes~

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