Thursday, July 24, 2008

words of the deceased

First of all!!!!I am not dead!just funny.

It had a great and special short story which concerning the words of the deceased by our English teacher's real experience during his class this noon about 1 o'clock when mass of us had sleepy already,The story witness an obvious process that everyone from sleepy to exciting,and ours mood from funny to serious!it was fulfilled in my mind until now!

A aeroplane trip for my teacher's class in other place sever years ago ,the plane was given a inscrutable instance in virtue of God's hand,it had a loudly noise sound all the time although every passenger didn't known what happened or what will be at hand.a black paper was taken by a air hostess to each passenger's hand whose in this plane and told them how to write a good letter about the last words in a life,to be or not to be ,that really a great question:) notwithstanding,sometimes it couldn't choose by the hand of us,such as the movie clock of orange ,so that this experience made the teacher never out by air until now,in spit of how long a trip for him even Harbin to Wuhan!

Each of the learner who besides me face this story as a joke but what did you wanted to write this letter provided that in this plane yet ?few person could answered!my answer like this:would you know my name if you live in heaven---to my parent.would you know my love if the love be loved by you---to my wife.


Wois said...

This essay was written as your english assignment?

deceased mean people who passed away or dead. hahaha... i saw some grammatic errors... :P

My suggestion, don't try to translate mandarin words to english. :P bleks

一楠亚夏 said...

thanks wois,what a great comment ever i had seen!thank you !!!i'll self-improve!