Friday, July 04, 2008

violent ,violent,all violent

This is a serious problem,it makes our life terrible looking.I had watch some news about the violence where in the newpaper timesonline these days.

most news reported the violent,and i saw a film "this is england" that to describe the teenages who in the later 80-90 peroid yesterday.but i think that is no remind!but still in today,religion?possession?politics?Politics and religion are daily topics of conversation,they have some pretty strange political judgement,in our smaller world,only a little rooms to standing but why the man filled some violence?you are my brother!you have dad and mum also.why did you murder someone of the polition?why did you kill someboy like animal?why not change another way?peaceful and claim ,aren't you?

When your birthday come,and you remembered the day when you born,you knew yourself was a creature also,and all the same with any other,and now,what's up?kill became your habits?and the other person are waitting your knife to be killed by destined ?that fair?where is fair?

Did your parents wait for you after work at night?they certainly revealed their love and faith to son who was murderd by your hands,gived them nothing but grief.think about your parents too,you sisters,your wife,my brother!please!!give me your knife!

This is peaceful period,there were tens of thousands people dead for this time,war is passed,why not have a true life with peace and sunshine?why not have some party with your colleagues at weekend?why not have a kid to educat him for a better chance?
we have less a hundred years only,because this is human,not machine,not animal,we have emotion,we know what is sorrow,and what is warm,and you know?

violent ,violent,all violent ,god is money,god is benefit,i'll tell you:god is love!!

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