Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sight or Unsight(for my the 200 article's celebrate)

Had you seen a beggar with his whole famlily outside the street corner ever?had you ever seen a blind person singing a song in a busy street scene for some benefit?
and were you relented?After a while,he or she went to a secret area and count their money happyness and the disability man could stand , the blind could see also?Christ is returned?i could talk to you that i'd ever seen since my college life recently!

You can watch this drama,may be have some tear,but it is true?

Did you have lamps help your reading in your bedroom ?electricity.have you seen it?had you came to circus for some magic show?how did you think about this?a young woman into a big case and a tiger came out?

It's not really true about what have you seen.

Finally!It's not necessarily true what you see!but anything you don't see it not necessarily nothingness!

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Dave Lucas said...

Yes I remember you! Of course! Thanks for visiting!