Saturday, July 26, 2008

No.44 bus

Such a strange DV story ,a moral "gift" for everybody who lived in the modern city and did not know what happen next is going round us . The story would not only belong to china but also the world !

Its environment is in the bus NO.44 in the countryside which is running on a highway, some passengers were standing in the aisle near seat on which was packed with others sleepy because of the hot weather . the road was very dangerous of many gangsters who usually haunting available, it is a dramatic condition .the driver, a little girl of a new recruit on this bus, saw a young man walking towards the road and waving his hand , another man got injured beside him. lied on the ground , other drivers went through absolutely, but compassion made her stop and took this hurtled man on the bus, and apart again,

Ten minutes passed, every things goes well except the man got well by himself, suddenly a sharp knife in his hand and his friend who waved hand right now besides him claimed:” took your money up or die in stead of” a great dread of many passenger that took their money out, except a young man cried out “let’s give a strike to them "who sat in corner, after a scilence, a soundly thrashed and gibe at him went accompany!

Nevertheless, no passenger gave him a hand just replace by quiet and quiet. within a lot of money and jewels hold in their hands when they gone, this pretty driver absolutely become a delicious food in their sight, pillage money therefore pillage a girl!the two man Pushed her out of the bus and raped her , everyone saw this spectacle" , but they still keep quiet! Tight-mouth young man gribble out with his best way, but in vain! Tragic accident and sounds for help made target of the entire passenger to criticize this young man why he did!
After a while, end of the tragedy backing the two evil gangsters and pitiful
little girl also,” what a grief you do” shouted one of the traveler, not you two but you--young guy!" the young revolted against them without any effort! All the things above, the irate young were ousted from the people that in this bus besides the little girl who will drive!

A dreariness which cover young man lain down outside, "why” he told bellowed angrily to himself!

Three days later, a newspaper seen in his eyeballs," the wreck of NO.44 bus in which run the countryside by the driver rushed to the cliff deliberately had found yesterday and all the passenger died in this accident."

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