Friday, July 11, 2008

No release ! my SHENZHEN event was disappeared

25th,last month,half a month past,tomorrow wound be a new trip to my new circumstance,where in guangzhou,my second hometown,whoever wanted to say goodbye not,althought this wasn't the first that event,this time was much sadly!i didn;t told my girl this truth!she may knew it in fact,

I didn't graduated in my college!so i had to try a chance for a senior staff,mad life result in today's awkward."please don't blame anybody,It is you who are to blame!"God told us what wrong was,while you knew a rightside!nobody understood the trueth without their true experience.To get a master's degree , a strong desire in my heart mightly.

Lord,give my ideal a chance,shenzhen I'll miss you in next days, rice toy,delicious food,film,even raining,derived from my lovely girl.change all the sight changed,i really adore your bedroom and your mouth and your aspect also!even you doze in the bed,tomorrow,i'll not watch all the sights,It's disppeared, alternatively,Guangzhou's life.

When the sky raining,when times to sleep,when i stand in a busy street,deal with my books ,i also miss you apparently,who let me touth the love?is you!!

Goodbye SHENZHEN!Goodbye my Love!

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