Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Memories And Dreams

What is the most important in our life? That is the life with truely!in another words it means the true life!

Yes,you may say that "why you always think about this?"but i want to easily explain what is the true life,In the beginning ,I'll tell you the reason of your today's tureth!The trueth of today is in order to preparation for tomorrow's memory.and tomorrow is a dream for today and yesterday is only a memory for everyone!If you want to improve you substance of today,you must improve your heart,even your soul .In order to your tomorrow.

And the second point,you must be known what is the objective ,and what is your dream!and tell yourself what would you want?,which life would you want?in Generally speaking ,money and spirit life is difficult to compare!it means substance and soirit is hard to choice!if you choice the substance and maybe have much money to your dialy life,and your tomorrow's memory maybe in a shadow!but if you choice another part,and who can tell us that who can deliver us in this world?no room to standing now,no anything!but only a dream,this is the trueth of life?how to do?yea,you may see the hamlet!more the cerebrate less action,but what is the road?you always on the road,this word is from America when after the second world war,

Finally,i've nothing to say,


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