Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lives Without Mother

My mother had gone since about four days ago,my lives take a huge change during these times!

Mother's apartment was locked,my father and i didn't know where the key!A lovely young lady who kept the door with her task.and her was gone yesterday also when we wanted to have a washing in this room.indeed,the weather in guangzhou this year is too "warm" i'd rather in someplace like bus,KFC,bookcenter,for avid this badly weather,

I am covered with sweat,certainly with my tears!my father and i conspect my mother's back trip.we all know this is evident impossible to all the appearance!

No clear clothes,no towel,no toolthbrush.Taking my hand to brush my teeth ,Dressing a really dirty T-shirt take part in my new class meeting!OH my God,some pretty girls look upon me with a queerish sight.

Mother,where are you?


龟头 said...

need to call 911?

蓝玫瑰Emily said...


jiani said...

miss ur mom ya~~

btw, i like to go guangzhou, i juz back from there on march. like to shopping at there, especially beijing road and the shang xia jiu.