Saturday, July 05, 2008

It's a new day

Today is new and imagine.but we always have a same locus everyday. thou alway dress a pair of new shoes but go back thee fucking locus,what's this?

Yesterday,I went to join a birthday party my girlfriend's old sister's!it's much memory was recalled in my mind.and liked a stroy about my youngs.what was youngth?drunking.eating.bragging.recalling.recalling what?apparently your poor youngth!

The adult told us "thou art luckily,ye can enjoy your body as ye like".this word was so far from me,i still needed to resolve this sentence,accompany the water of times goes,i am a adult also unconsciously.suddenly,i felt that my youngth was lost,i became a unknown was very very different from my childhood,but why?who teached us?the social?the people when thou met?

Thou lost yourself alwanys but thou didn't realized,like this party,sometimes ye didn't like it,but you still wanted to go more times,why?only alone,everyone was alone,no reasonable,no ideas,only alone.

I always attempt to became a new man liked new day,another days,liked the sun arise tomorrow,like the moon down the evening,but i was vained,you were a little boy only 22 years old,you were not a true man in responsibility,i wanted to change,but only vain,only alone reminded,

One standard one level!i was attempt to imitate some successful man recently,but i didn't know what was that?i was so sorrow,sadly all day,and no anyone alse understood!alone,only alone!

Changed everyday's clothes and shoes,but your brain became constant,new day!it was really a new sun?or a yesterday sun where arised on today?all new meaned all old!passing time!

When you won't change the period ,changed your mind please,but~~~~.but i didn't want to altered,

What a sorrow!why the GOd brought me to this world?give me bread ,stuff,air,and gived me a talent brain,but i didn't know how to used it!

Tomorrow night,the new day would be passed,To change into a old day,three days later today would be in our memory,Recalling!but the sun still!

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