Monday, July 07, 2008

How Many God?

Many occupations among us,most popular jobs consist as four important sorts,teacher,lawer,businessman, to other professions ,this four sorts are more free than them,i don't want to talk about this,different occuption and different god!

Different jobs like different games,a rule in it!you must get the rule which in your own profression,meanwhile,you have a royal time either,so if you don't find it,a terrible time comes,heed,someone attempt to break down the rule in case,aha,in the event you must be timeout without any doubts,because this is rule ,means regulation
.from the above mention you must know a fact indeed,no rule no world,suppose that the world without a rule,what a "awesome"world we are?

God is a soul ,a spirit,but i hope you know god is a true rule!all nature's discipline,suppose that God is a human,and who are you ?suppose God is a Lord,and you think surely that he'll chick you out everywhere and everytimes?when you in a toilet,when you making love with some girls,when you sleeping in company.God's eyes are look upon you?all the people like this?how busy the god is!!

Probability!somesone alse don't know where is god!and even the bible what is.but you must pay attention to your rule where in your heart even your soul!


SySy said...

Only one,because you use "GOD"^^

一楠亚夏 said...

thanks for your comment!