Saturday, July 12, 2008


This is the last evening in SHENZHEN the beautiful modern city!1:46 deeply in the night,feeling some cool and refreshing,standing in balcony with a smoke,seeing the huge city mightly,rainning hit the floor make some comfortable noise,i know a true thing that i'll leave here tomorrow,i cann't change it and leave my girlfriend also,who is the pretty and lovely little girl.

i'm very sadly at the think of we cann't together eight o'clock tomorrow morning,i can't imagine if i am not see the lovely face anymore in a long time!she has sleep deeply now,but i don't!seeing this very familiar face and my tears fell down involuntary,she is ill,but i cann't do anything alse.not only anxiety but some fear!

terriblly.I won't see her when I wake up next morning,unterlly i fear to sleep,what will she do?may be the same mood as me.My love!sleep as well!have a good dream, you will be all right. the most great woman in my heart from start to the end!How I long to get a kiss of your forehead!but I don't have the heart to make you up,to disturb your sweet I long to get a photograph of your asleep's aspect!but I don't have the heart to make you up,to disturb your grace sleep posture!

2:23 now!tears fell down appreach!no method!only in grief!i'll waitting the new son arise,i'll waitting your wake up!i dare not accept this challenge,grief myself is better than both!my girl,waitting for me ,there will not really a long time i promise indeed!please!!!!!!!!!!!!don't forget my promise which happen five years ago!and remember your words,give your heart to me!Goodbye my colorful life!goodbye my girl,Ding!


PoCoTee said...

Dun worry and just B happy^^ Everythings was a good memory^^

SySy said...

hey,although i dont know what happen to you there,but trust me,everythings gonna be all right soon =)

Terry Boy said...

Greetings.. Take care



Mr M said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog - 1.3 billion Chinese is huge compared to our 62 million. I hope that you live long and prosper.
And your English is much better than my Chinese!