Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Blog Life

The march last year,I had this blog with my application,during all the time i stayed in here,including the GFW and the many foreign!i never gived up.i liked this place.

Sometimes i think this the life in our objective!from a baby to adult,but only a year!I remrember the invents last year,who in the net every days,and writting note and chance the color of the border!even have different templates ,busy all the days!but still in happyness!i adore the blog life,you can learn something without your world,

In the period of Baby blog,it looked like a trueth baby,I didn;t know anything,only a heart!and all your mind was radicalness ,Making your blog external appearance more and more beautiful.but you just not have many friend in it ,i always asked myself this is why?

After some while,i had no friend in it ,only myself,and chance some idea to remove a new place to write,all the place was less than this one!you could change your template everyday and everytime,It lookedlike our young peroid!Oscillate and lost your belief,that was very dangerous!

In this years,I change my template in classis,and lost my all the fickleness,in that time,you suddenly understand you were still have many note weither you like or you like not,It looked like a man of adult!

That's interest!That's amanzing!

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