Monday, July 21, 2008

A blind person and Mona Lisa

Last century,A war century in this world that accompany many people liked "God" appeared.It called a war' century as well as a god's century.why named these person "god"?if you accomplished a task which god always did and anyone who didn't round off ,to called them "god".this point from a Chinese film several years ago.

Leonardo da Vinci,who was born in Italy,and in french stopped his journey on the was named him "god" by all appearances.indeed,he was nearly a half-god!
Mona Lisa,one of his famous masterpiece,to describe a mysterious lady in his age!people who still on the earth often consider this as one of the most well-known portrait during past time.
Try looking at the affair from a different angle.may be the different answers,as experience .knowledge. education and so on,It was certain that every effect must have a cause.
however,did you ever think about "what's the sight in their "eyes" ?"who was blinded when they was born?they could not saw anything but known this masterpiece as well.who could told us truly?

Mona Lisa's smile witness everybody in our social and in our heart named what means the most beautiful lady who always could not in the sight of us but the person who had lost their eyes and a brightest sight often appeared over the most darkness place.
This is Mona Lisa,This is da Vinci,above all things, this is our world!

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