Thursday, July 31, 2008

eye ball period!

what a strong sense of people who enjoy their journey to HongKong in stead of any city which in mainland today!and a large number of people adored northern America more than any other countries or regions!may be nothing to get end of those journey,this is a eyeball period none the less a lot of truth stuff avoid by sight!in our country,a highly rate of student undergraduate substituted GRE for works or local graduate student where in a modern city, such as Shanghai or Beijing or Guangzhou at least,however,they themselves may not realized their selection which had happened whether need a better answer!If you do not make an approach clearly,how to get that what you want to need ?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

last writing lesson

moonlight witness the sleepy of sun,while the sun has risen America,significance of endless mean new beginning also!concluding English writing lesson by which my master educated--while he gone abroad that overseas journey for college continually in September, making many students of his class serious sorry to hear that,including me, An industrious teacher ever i myself had seen.further more, distinguish from artist and teacher appeared that who could tell us what is method or what is art!in the event,it need not to see a beautiful butterfly but a diligently honey-bee!the truth successful is not a great achievement what you get but what you could give us,thank you and good bye!

Give a chance!

Give your destination a chance,give your belief a chance,give your ability a chance ,give your sight a chance,give your life a chance,give your generation a chance,give your hand a chance ,but most significance, Give your chance a chance!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

As a result of many people!

As a result of many people who abuse America and gone there absolutely!
As a result of many people who despise Japan and see porn star obviously!
As a result of many people who enjoy England and buy LV pocket frequently!
As a result of many people who aspired to French and Kiss anyone crazily!
As a result of many people who adore China and go abroad instantly!
As a result of many people who read the essay and deride them proudly!
As a result of many people who do this and teach me clearly!

Monday, July 28, 2008

A balance world!

here are some pictures of modern beggar who besides us.Indeed,those unfortunate life are quite distinct from each other.okay,let's move out!
he is beggaring for revenge his family's death,owing to less money.

This interest sign used English provide an interesting contrast to Chinese,may be geared international standards.what a deliciously appearance of this young!

look at this!

this is substantial of world!

Saturday, July 26, 2008



No.44 bus

Such a strange DV story ,a moral "gift" for everybody who lived in the modern city and did not know what happen next is going round us . The story would not only belong to china but also the world !

Its environment is in the bus NO.44 in the countryside which is running on a highway, some passengers were standing in the aisle near seat on which was packed with others sleepy because of the hot weather . the road was very dangerous of many gangsters who usually haunting available, it is a dramatic condition .the driver, a little girl of a new recruit on this bus, saw a young man walking towards the road and waving his hand , another man got injured beside him. lied on the ground , other drivers went through absolutely, but compassion made her stop and took this hurtled man on the bus, and apart again,

Ten minutes passed, every things goes well except the man got well by himself, suddenly a sharp knife in his hand and his friend who waved hand right now besides him claimed:” took your money up or die in stead of” a great dread of many passenger that took their money out, except a young man cried out “let’s give a strike to them "who sat in corner, after a scilence, a soundly thrashed and gibe at him went accompany!

Nevertheless, no passenger gave him a hand just replace by quiet and quiet. within a lot of money and jewels hold in their hands when they gone, this pretty driver absolutely become a delicious food in their sight, pillage money therefore pillage a girl!the two man Pushed her out of the bus and raped her , everyone saw this spectacle" , but they still keep quiet! Tight-mouth young man gribble out with his best way, but in vain! Tragic accident and sounds for help made target of the entire passenger to criticize this young man why he did!
After a while, end of the tragedy backing the two evil gangsters and pitiful
little girl also,” what a grief you do” shouted one of the traveler, not you two but you--young guy!" the young revolted against them without any effort! All the things above, the irate young were ousted from the people that in this bus besides the little girl who will drive!

A dreariness which cover young man lain down outside, "why” he told bellowed angrily to himself!

Three days later, a newspaper seen in his eyeballs," the wreck of NO.44 bus in which run the countryside by the driver rushed to the cliff deliberately had found yesterday and all the passenger died in this accident."

Thursday, July 24, 2008

words of the deceased

First of all!!!!I am not dead!just funny.

It had a great and special short story which concerning the words of the deceased by our English teacher's real experience during his class this noon about 1 o'clock when mass of us had sleepy already,The story witness an obvious process that everyone from sleepy to exciting,and ours mood from funny to serious!it was fulfilled in my mind until now!

A aeroplane trip for my teacher's class in other place sever years ago ,the plane was given a inscrutable instance in virtue of God's hand,it had a loudly noise sound all the time although every passenger didn't known what happened or what will be at hand.a black paper was taken by a air hostess to each passenger's hand whose in this plane and told them how to write a good letter about the last words in a life,to be or not to be ,that really a great question:) notwithstanding,sometimes it couldn't choose by the hand of us,such as the movie clock of orange ,so that this experience made the teacher never out by air until now,in spit of how long a trip for him even Harbin to Wuhan!

Each of the learner who besides me face this story as a joke but what did you wanted to write this letter provided that in this plane yet ?few person could answered!my answer like this:would you know my name if you live in heaven---to my parent.would you know my love if the love be loved by you---to my wife.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008










这本词典的中文翻译是格林斯(COLLINS),个人认为这才是英文词典中的圣经,大概用了两千多个词汇来解释所有的单词,而且用的是另外一种属于他自己的方式,刚开始读的时候你可能不习惯,但是习惯之后你会发现你买了一个宝贝,从词条上来讲,来源于属于他的一个词条库,叫做bank of english,旁边有很多近义词或者反义词的指示,在对一个单词的解释方面,介于朗文和牛津之间,因为牛津实在是太完美了,这本还有一个好的地方就是他是一个英国为全世界非英语母语国家编制的提供学习的词典,个人认为缺点也还是有的,第一,词典太大,拿起来很不方便,第二,纸张非常的薄,你要对他呵护细微,但是性价比是最好的,七十多块钱大概,看不同地方的打折情况了,或许你会问我们都会处在一个眼高手低的阶段,感觉你可以驾御牛津高阶,感觉你可以驾御collins但是很多时候你还是无法真正的运用好这门工具去写作,去阅读类似经济学人,纽约时报,Timesonline等报纸,怎么办?建议买这本,市场价格:78RMB






Tuesday, July 22, 2008

memory and remember

In China,it hardly distinguish Memory and remember from their true meaning,indeed,it had many apparent difference.

It's means "input" to memory but "output" to remember.whether you had some knowledge before you did not knowledge right now and whether you had some knowledge before you repeated it now.

How to improve your memory and remember senses?

1,You could realize while the words afflict your brain several times.more afflicted more clearly!

2,You always said that "i remember.but forget it",the psychologist told us you just not remember it completely.

Monday, July 21, 2008

A blind person and Mona Lisa

Last century,A war century in this world that accompany many people liked "God" appeared.It called a war' century as well as a god's century.why named these person "god"?if you accomplished a task which god always did and anyone who didn't round off ,to called them "god".this point from a Chinese film several years ago.

Leonardo da Vinci,who was born in Italy,and in french stopped his journey on the was named him "god" by all appearances.indeed,he was nearly a half-god!
Mona Lisa,one of his famous masterpiece,to describe a mysterious lady in his age!people who still on the earth often consider this as one of the most well-known portrait during past time.
Try looking at the affair from a different angle.may be the different answers,as experience .knowledge. education and so on,It was certain that every effect must have a cause.
however,did you ever think about "what's the sight in their "eyes" ?"who was blinded when they was born?they could not saw anything but known this masterpiece as well.who could told us truly?

Mona Lisa's smile witness everybody in our social and in our heart named what means the most beautiful lady who always could not in the sight of us but the person who had lost their eyes and a brightest sight often appeared over the most darkness place.
This is Mona Lisa,This is da Vinci,above all things, this is our world!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Something about "To be or Not to be"---subtitle:"be"English

To be or not to be!




那么,换一个角度,如果我们第一次看到这样的译文,生存还是毁灭,活着还是死去,要让您翻译成为英语,我想大部分的人用会一个压韵的反义词来诠释,又不失美感,但是几乎没有人会在没有读过莎士比亚文字前能把它翻译成to be or not to be,因为我们很多时候想不到用这样的方式。所以这个世界只有一个莎士比亚,很多时候我天真的认为,今天英文能成为世界语言,有一部分的功劳来自于他。





Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lives Without Mother

My mother had gone since about four days ago,my lives take a huge change during these times!

Mother's apartment was locked,my father and i didn't know where the key!A lovely young lady who kept the door with her task.and her was gone yesterday also when we wanted to have a washing in this room.indeed,the weather in guangzhou this year is too "warm" i'd rather in someplace like bus,KFC,bookcenter,for avid this badly weather,

I am covered with sweat,certainly with my tears!my father and i conspect my mother's back trip.we all know this is evident impossible to all the appearance!

No clear clothes,no towel,no toolthbrush.Taking my hand to brush my teeth ,Dressing a really dirty T-shirt take part in my new class meeting!OH my God,some pretty girls look upon me with a queerish sight.

Mother,where are you?

Saturday, July 12, 2008


This is the last evening in SHENZHEN the beautiful modern city!1:46 deeply in the night,feeling some cool and refreshing,standing in balcony with a smoke,seeing the huge city mightly,rainning hit the floor make some comfortable noise,i know a true thing that i'll leave here tomorrow,i cann't change it and leave my girlfriend also,who is the pretty and lovely little girl.

i'm very sadly at the think of we cann't together eight o'clock tomorrow morning,i can't imagine if i am not see the lovely face anymore in a long time!she has sleep deeply now,but i don't!seeing this very familiar face and my tears fell down involuntary,she is ill,but i cann't do anything alse.not only anxiety but some fear!

terriblly.I won't see her when I wake up next morning,unterlly i fear to sleep,what will she do?may be the same mood as me.My love!sleep as well!have a good dream, you will be all right. the most great woman in my heart from start to the end!How I long to get a kiss of your forehead!but I don't have the heart to make you up,to disturb your sweet I long to get a photograph of your asleep's aspect!but I don't have the heart to make you up,to disturb your grace sleep posture!

2:23 now!tears fell down appreach!no method!only in grief!i'll waitting the new son arise,i'll waitting your wake up!i dare not accept this challenge,grief myself is better than both!my girl,waitting for me ,there will not really a long time i promise indeed!please!!!!!!!!!!!!don't forget my promise which happen five years ago!and remember your words,give your heart to me!Goodbye my colorful life!goodbye my girl,Ding!

Friday, July 11, 2008

No release ! my SHENZHEN event was disappeared

25th,last month,half a month past,tomorrow wound be a new trip to my new circumstance,where in guangzhou,my second hometown,whoever wanted to say goodbye not,althought this wasn't the first that event,this time was much sadly!i didn;t told my girl this truth!she may knew it in fact,

I didn't graduated in my college!so i had to try a chance for a senior staff,mad life result in today's awkward."please don't blame anybody,It is you who are to blame!"God told us what wrong was,while you knew a rightside!nobody understood the trueth without their true experience.To get a master's degree , a strong desire in my heart mightly.

Lord,give my ideal a chance,shenzhen I'll miss you in next days, rice toy,delicious food,film,even raining,derived from my lovely girl.change all the sight changed,i really adore your bedroom and your mouth and your aspect also!even you doze in the bed,tomorrow,i'll not watch all the sights,It's disppeared, alternatively,Guangzhou's life.

When the sky raining,when times to sleep,when i stand in a busy street,deal with my books ,i also miss you apparently,who let me touth the love?is you!!

Goodbye SHENZHEN!Goodbye my Love!

Monday, July 07, 2008

How Many God?

Many occupations among us,most popular jobs consist as four important sorts,teacher,lawer,businessman, to other professions ,this four sorts are more free than them,i don't want to talk about this,different occuption and different god!

Different jobs like different games,a rule in it!you must get the rule which in your own profression,meanwhile,you have a royal time either,so if you don't find it,a terrible time comes,heed,someone attempt to break down the rule in case,aha,in the event you must be timeout without any doubts,because this is rule ,means regulation
.from the above mention you must know a fact indeed,no rule no world,suppose that the world without a rule,what a "awesome"world we are?

God is a soul ,a spirit,but i hope you know god is a true rule!all nature's discipline,suppose that God is a human,and who are you ?suppose God is a Lord,and you think surely that he'll chick you out everywhere and everytimes?when you in a toilet,when you making love with some girls,when you sleeping in company.God's eyes are look upon you?all the people like this?how busy the god is!!

Probability!somesone alse don't know where is god!and even the bible what is.but you must pay attention to your rule where in your heart even your soul!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sight or Unsight(for my the 200 article's celebrate)

Had you seen a beggar with his whole famlily outside the street corner ever?had you ever seen a blind person singing a song in a busy street scene for some benefit?
and were you relented?After a while,he or she went to a secret area and count their money happyness and the disability man could stand , the blind could see also?Christ is returned?i could talk to you that i'd ever seen since my college life recently!

You can watch this drama,may be have some tear,but it is true?

Did you have lamps help your reading in your bedroom ?electricity.have you seen it?had you came to circus for some magic show?how did you think about this?a young woman into a big case and a tiger came out?

It's not really true about what have you seen.

Finally!It's not necessarily true what you see!but anything you don't see it not necessarily nothingness!

It's a new day

Today is new and imagine.but we always have a same locus everyday. thou alway dress a pair of new shoes but go back thee fucking locus,what's this?

Yesterday,I went to join a birthday party my girlfriend's old sister's!it's much memory was recalled in my mind.and liked a stroy about my youngs.what was youngth?drunking.eating.bragging.recalling.recalling what?apparently your poor youngth!

The adult told us "thou art luckily,ye can enjoy your body as ye like".this word was so far from me,i still needed to resolve this sentence,accompany the water of times goes,i am a adult also unconsciously.suddenly,i felt that my youngth was lost,i became a unknown was very very different from my childhood,but why?who teached us?the social?the people when thou met?

Thou lost yourself alwanys but thou didn't realized,like this party,sometimes ye didn't like it,but you still wanted to go more times,why?only alone,everyone was alone,no reasonable,no ideas,only alone.

I always attempt to became a new man liked new day,another days,liked the sun arise tomorrow,like the moon down the evening,but i was vained,you were a little boy only 22 years old,you were not a true man in responsibility,i wanted to change,but only vain,only alone reminded,

One standard one level!i was attempt to imitate some successful man recently,but i didn't know what was that?i was so sorrow,sadly all day,and no anyone alse understood!alone,only alone!

Changed everyday's clothes and shoes,but your brain became constant,new day!it was really a new sun?or a yesterday sun where arised on today?all new meaned all old!passing time!

When you won't change the period ,changed your mind please,but~~~~.but i didn't want to altered,

What a sorrow!why the GOd brought me to this world?give me bread ,stuff,air,and gived me a talent brain,but i didn't know how to used it!

Tomorrow night,the new day would be passed,To change into a old day,three days later today would be in our memory,Recalling!but the sun still!

Friday, July 04, 2008

violent ,violent,all violent

This is a serious problem,it makes our life terrible looking.I had watch some news about the violence where in the newpaper timesonline these days.

most news reported the violent,and i saw a film "this is england" that to describe the teenages who in the later 80-90 peroid yesterday.but i think that is no remind!but still in today,religion?possession?politics?Politics and religion are daily topics of conversation,they have some pretty strange political judgement,in our smaller world,only a little rooms to standing but why the man filled some violence?you are my brother!you have dad and mum also.why did you murder someone of the polition?why did you kill someboy like animal?why not change another way?peaceful and claim ,aren't you?

When your birthday come,and you remembered the day when you born,you knew yourself was a creature also,and all the same with any other,and now,what's up?kill became your habits?and the other person are waitting your knife to be killed by destined ?that fair?where is fair?

Did your parents wait for you after work at night?they certainly revealed their love and faith to son who was murderd by your hands,gived them nothing but grief.think about your parents too,you sisters,your wife,my brother!please!!give me your knife!

This is peaceful period,there were tens of thousands people dead for this time,war is passed,why not have a true life with peace and sunshine?why not have some party with your colleagues at weekend?why not have a kid to educat him for a better chance?
we have less a hundred years only,because this is human,not machine,not animal,we have emotion,we know what is sorrow,and what is warm,and you know?

violent ,violent,all violent ,god is money,god is benefit,i'll tell you:god is love!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008










Blog Life

The march last year,I had this blog with my application,during all the time i stayed in here,including the GFW and the many foreign!i never gived up.i liked this place.

Sometimes i think this the life in our objective!from a baby to adult,but only a year!I remrember the invents last year,who in the net every days,and writting note and chance the color of the border!even have different templates ,busy all the days!but still in happyness!i adore the blog life,you can learn something without your world,

In the period of Baby blog,it looked like a trueth baby,I didn;t know anything,only a heart!and all your mind was radicalness ,Making your blog external appearance more and more beautiful.but you just not have many friend in it ,i always asked myself this is why?

After some while,i had no friend in it ,only myself,and chance some idea to remove a new place to write,all the place was less than this one!you could change your template everyday and everytime,It lookedlike our young peroid!Oscillate and lost your belief,that was very dangerous!

In this years,I change my template in classis,and lost my all the fickleness,in that time,you suddenly understand you were still have many note weither you like or you like not,It looked like a man of adult!

That's interest!That's amanzing!

Memories And Dreams

What is the most important in our life? That is the life with truely!in another words it means the true life!

Yes,you may say that "why you always think about this?"but i want to easily explain what is the true life,In the beginning ,I'll tell you the reason of your today's tureth!The trueth of today is in order to preparation for tomorrow's memory.and tomorrow is a dream for today and yesterday is only a memory for everyone!If you want to improve you substance of today,you must improve your heart,even your soul .In order to your tomorrow.

And the second point,you must be known what is the objective ,and what is your dream!and tell yourself what would you want?,which life would you want?in Generally speaking ,money and spirit life is difficult to compare!it means substance and soirit is hard to choice!if you choice the substance and maybe have much money to your dialy life,and your tomorrow's memory maybe in a shadow!but if you choice another part,and who can tell us that who can deliver us in this world?no room to standing now,no anything!but only a dream,this is the trueth of life?how to do?yea,you may see the hamlet!more the cerebrate less action,but what is the road?you always on the road,this word is from America when after the second world war,

Finally,i've nothing to say,