Monday, June 09, 2008

Last Supper

June 6th 2008 GUANGZHOU

IT was rainning all the day! near from the Guangzhou city where were a crowd,whom in Ganzhou at the Jiangxi province were hast the last supper.Thou may say what is the last supper? thee won't eaten supper henceforth? and who art them?

Okay!Regarding the men can be defined as the group,whose mother was conceived beyond 20 years ago,and the babies were gather after 20years by accident!May be in my opinion was seem forced,but there is no denying that all the life is a joke of Lord.,who created us, essential is a joke also!

When it comes to the last supper.It was a joke even,with this point of view I agree with myself,A large number of students,whom in the college after recieved the diploma ,and need a dimension ti abandon themselves to their own desire.This is the meaning of last supper!Many many a lot of country known not but only chinese!

IT come to pass the night,they all calles for me because of mine absent from this party,cried out:"we need you " "come back""we all love you ""you are the number in this class also"

I must be cried out too!!I was living without supper recently.where art thou?I was fall down the examination,where art thou?I was in a class for above thirty exam in a week,where art thou?and I was ill in bed there days,but where art thou?

Lo!You need me?You all love me? art thee sure?

I've never count upon thee!however be crack up by myself!

Fugitive or vagabond!NEVER come back!I pray thee.A generation of people who span the two centuries,the last supper didn't belong to me!

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