Saturday, June 28, 2008

Aspect Wall

Even i did't know what was the life truely sometimes! Your old man told you that my lovely kid ,why in this?why in that?the whole time is a "why",what is whole?whole the time which in your life?whole time in your possesstion?You know that what is lost in the same time you know given also!you know well the meanwhile that you know the Evil.

After the two mounths ,i leave myself in a smally and darkness house because of the sorrow life in me!NO human ,no creature,no no no ,only myself besides some air for me!air is free?yea!but sometime is the most expectsive in our globe,and water also!but not anyone to discoverd,who like the possession,money,handsome face,pretty girl,it's enough.only reason of that is the Youth,whose born from 20 years and early in 30.the time of Body enjoyment,on that time you can living in a countryside ,and climbing a hill slope all days ,you can play the computer whole night with your friend who also reallize about it ,so you don;t understand that what is life ,so you don't know what is happyness ,you cann't know what is saddly!!

The human is a animal with social life ,without the social it's only a animal like breast or fox!but why we only like to having the fun in social and can not Hug the social all the time closely !may be it is the reason of East social history problem?

When you have your time only with yourself,you have nothing ,but everything,You must be known that the life is wonderful in your soul and flesh!To used a word that you are not a fish in sea and you can't known that the happyness of the fish!

Give yourself a chance!have your youth turely and closely!

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小丑 said...

I DO always appreciate the time I have now. We do not have much youth, one life once.

So now... Can I say that you're back to blogger already?

or Still your country blocking it?

Miss You.