Thursday, June 28, 2007

paris hilton

Date of birth: New York on February 17 in 1981 New York,
US Email: N/A Address: WMM #400-9440 saint money card Blvd. Beifuli mountain village, California 90,210 US.

The popularity will skyrocket in the homemade video recording later inher and first boyfriend Rick Salomon (Shannen Doherty' S becomesestranged between the husband) scatters everywhere the Internet inOctober in 2003. The video recording has been made three years agoworks as she is 19. Hotel important person Kang row Hilton great-granddaughter; Kang rowHilton Jr. granddaughter, Elizabeth Taylor first husband. With actorLeonardo DiCaprio, Edward is not prosperous, Jamie Kennedy, Simon Rex,the Australian likeness of a god or buddha star robbed the mill toconnect, romantically summed 41 examples singers Deryck Whibley,producer Robert Evans, boxer Oscar De La Hoya, with nightclub ownerIngrid Casares. The announcement records album in her later period in2003. Her so ' JC helps Chasez' And his producer ' RobBoldt' The help dances the popular album in the creation. Signdate Backstreet boy singer Nick Carter. [ In December, 2004 20,037months ] the Hilton name is Norway origins. Her high grandfather inAugust Halvorsen the Hilton birth in family farm Hilton, in Kloa,exterior Oslo, Norway in migrates to US in front of and his family inthe age 10. In October,

2004, she officially has her universalquotation, " That' S hot" Trademarked. The Kang rowHilton Jr. nephew granddaughter, first and the second wife isElizabeth Taylor and Patricia McClintock. Kang row N. "Nicky" Hilton, Jr. ' The s two sons and Trish McClintock isKang row Nicholson Hilton, III (is borne 1959) and Michael Otis Hilton(to bear 1961). Kang row Hilton Jr. and Eric Hilton nephewgranddaughter. Francesca Hilton Grandniece, the mother is Zsa ZsaGabor, next and Paris' Great grandfather, Kang row Hilton (Sr. )Barron Hilton, Hylton hotel chain, with Marilyn Hawley granddaughter.Kang row Hilton, founder Hylton hotel chain, with Mary Adelaide Barrongreat granddaughter. The plan opens " Club Paris" InOrlando, in 2005 Florida.

Handkerchief Li Si Hylton Paris Hilton movie: VH1 Big in 04 (2,004) (TV) MTV Video Music Awards 2,004 (2,004) (TV) Dancestar USA 2,004 (2,004) (TV) " The Simple Life 2: Road Trip" (2,004) TV Series 2,004 MTV Movie Awards (2,004) (TV) MTV Movie Awards 2,004 Pre-Show (2,004) (TV) 1 Night in Paris (2,004) (V) Aka Paris Hilton Sex Tape (USA: Bootleg title) " The Simple Life" (2,003) TV Series MTV Video Music Awards 2,003 (2,003) (TV) The Making of ' Nine Lives' (2,003) (V) 2,003 MTV Movie Awards (2,003) (TV) Pauly Shore Is Dead (2,003) Zoolander (2,001) Young Hollywood Awards (2,001) (TV)

I thought he is an ill health idol, took a genuine idol, can lead the young people to develop to the good direction, but she just theopposite.fuck it!!

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